👁️PublicAvoiding Covid



You can reduce your suffering by following these guidelines. ampdot used to get sniffles a third of the time after flying and feel mildly tired for a few hours as amp's immune system fought off a small amount of viral load. You can also make mild and short infections happen much more infrequently.


  • Wear a P100 respirator or N100 disposable mask in crowded areas, such as a plane or airport. They cost about $35 and deliver quickly. Here is one ampdot recommends.

    • Disposable P100 masks also exist.

  • Get vaccinated, and get boosted. You should have your second booster, for a total of four shots. An updated vaccine is available as of October 1st.

  • When running indoor events, purchase a HEPA filter. Target has same-day delivery for a small $5 fee, and you can return it afterwards. They reduce transmission by a five-fold factor. Alternatively, open some windows.

  • Be mindful of going into crowded indoor spaces and consider wearing a mask if you visit them frequently. According to https://microcovid.org, a N95 mask reduces transmission rates by 3x, a surgical mask by 2x, and a thick and snug cloth mask by 1.5x.